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Family Member Support

Family Member Support

Family Member Support Groups - See "Get Help" on this website


Circle of Care:  A Guidebook for Mental Health Caregivers  (Nov 2017)


Starting the Conversation:  College and your Mental Health (Aug 2016) - developed with the JED Foundation


The Imperfect Parent Club - resource page - video

HIPAA Privacy Rule and Sharing Information Related to Mental Illness - click here

Among other points, the new clarifications address when HIPAA permits health care providers to:

  • Communicate with a patient’s family members, friends, or others involved in the patient’s care;
  • Communicate with family members when the patient is an adult;
  • Consider the patient’s capacity to agree or object to the sharing of their information;
  • Involve a patient’s family members, friends, or others in dealing with patient failures to adhere to medication or other therapy;
  • Communicate with family members, law enforcement, or others when the patient presents a serious and imminent threat of harm to self or others.

Children's Rights

Youth Law Center   (Polk County)
Middleton Center for Children's Rights

Children's Mental Health - Medicaid Assistance

If your child is on the Children's Mental Health Wait list and your child is not covered by Medicaid Title 19, there is another coverage they may qualify for: Medicaid for kids with special needs. To qualify, your family income must be no more that 300% of the poverty level (for Title 19 eligibility requires no more that 195%.) So those that do not quality to Title 19 might qualify to Medicaid for Special Needs: click here

How to Be Your Own Best Advocate: A Guide on How to Navigate Managed Care in Iowa

Hobbies and Activities for Special Needs

Resources for Traveling with Disabilities

Iowa Association for Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health

RESTORE - a program for persons after experiencing their first episode of psychosis - here in Des Moines
RAISE Fact Sheet - National Institute of Mental Health - first Episode Psychosis
National Council on Behavioral Health - First Episode Psychosis information

Signs of Trauma in Children
Helping Children Cope With Grief
Coping with a Parent's Suicide

Iowa Guardianship and Conservatorship

Free Support for Children with Disabilities
Rent or respite care? Groceries or new eyeglasses? For parents of children with disabilities, choosing between their family’s basic needs and disability-related items can often be difficult. Many services, devices and equipment are available to aid in development and improve a child’s quality of life. Unfortunately, insurance and other programs may only cover a portion of the cost, or perhaps not at all.   

The Children at Home (CaH) Program may be able to help families with some of these expenses.

Children at Home (CaH) is a non-profit program of the Iowa Family Support Network and can help families caring for a child (up to age 22) with a disability by providing financial assistance for items or services not covered by other programs.

Examples may include: special adaptive devices, out-of-area travel expenses, nutritional supplements, respite care or educational seminars for caregivers, special camps and items to make your home safe or more accessible for a child. If an item or service provides a direct benefit to a child and is related to the child’s disability, families may qualify for up to $700 in assistance per child annually. There is no charge to apply for or participate in this program. It is our goal to connect as many qualifying Iowans with the support they need.

If you have questions about this program or want to refer someone to apply for assistance, please contact the Iowa Family Support Network:

Ideas for Employment for Persons with Disabilities

• Ideas for Employers and Employees -
• Ideas for Educators and Youth Service Professionals -
• Ideas for Associations and Unions -
• Ideas for Disability-Related Organizations -

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