Volunteer Your Stories - MindSpring Mental Health Alliance
Volunteer Your Stories - MindSpring Mental Health Alliance
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Volunteer Your Stories

Written stories to MindSpring 

We compile stories that illustrate mental health issues. These can be anecdotes or human interest stories which help to identify important mental health issues and problems – stigma, lack of access to services, your story and struggle in dealing with mental illness, mental health problems of returning soldiers, importance of the right medications, lack of funding, etc – real stories of Iowans.

if you want your story to be archived on our website or published in our newsletter, a copy of your story should be sent to director@mindspringhealth.org

Telling Your Story to Law Enforcement Officers

MindSpring helps in the planning of CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) training for law enforcement.  We arrange for panels of persons with mental illness, panels of family members, and panels of veterans.

If you want to participate on a panel to tell your story, please contact tbomhoff@mchsi.com


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