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A-Nod for Situational Awareness - MindSpring Mental Health Alliance
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A-Nod for Situational Awareness

An innovative non verbal family accommodation that indicates to public servants that something else needs attention before an accident home issue or traffic stop is addressed.

For further information regarding the business or products please contact Diane Thacker, letyourlightshine@a-nod.com or at 515-776-8321

Insert picture hereThe yellow decal indicated in the flyer to the left can be placed on someone's car or near the front door of a house.

Seeing the A-Nod decal is supposed to be a reminder to public officials that there is a person in the car - or in the house - that is dealing with sensory processing and/or mental health issues.

It is a gentle reminder to remember the training the public official has had to approach these situations in a careful, respectful and appropriate way to prevent injury to the person with special conditions as well as injury to themselves.

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In a society where 1 out of 5 people deal with an invisible diagnosis, especially in these days where global uncertainty is causing additional stress, we need to connect with families who will benefit from our products and mindful situational choices. 

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