Board Members - MindSpring Mental Health Alliance
Board Members - MindSpring Mental Health Alliance
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Ashley Adams      

Ashley Adams is the Director of Rehabilitation Services for Optimae, where she provides occupational therapy services for adults with mental illness and intellectual disabilities. She is currently the President of MindSpring. Ashley chooses to dedicate her time and talents to MindSpring to eliminate stigma and to ensure that mental health education, support, and advocacy are priorities in our community. 


Matt Connolly       515-975-9600

Matt Connolly is a Real Estate Broker doing residential and commercial real estate. Matt plays a role in fundraising and branding efforts. He also serves as a member of the Fund Development Committee. Matt regularly speaks publicly of 'his story'  in order to reduce stigma and give people reasons for believing in recovery. 




Kristin works for MercyOne Des Moines as a business development strategist. She also serves on the advocacy and outreach committee and assists with fundraising. Kristin dedicated her time and talents to MindSpring because she grew up with a family member who struggled with severe anxiety and depression; it was an extremely challenging time in her life. Her goal by serving on the board of directors is to help eliminate the stigma of mental illness by providing education, advocacy, support, and awareness


Matt Pick      515-222-2377

Matt Pick is a branch manager at West Bank and has been in the banking industry for the past 10 years. Matt uses his background in banking to serve as the Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee. Matt decided to get involved with MindSpring because in 2008 he was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and in 2015 was also diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. 

Board Member

James Crosby    515-201-4579

Board Member

Allyne Smith

Allyne Smith is an Orthodox Priest. At MindSpring, he is Chair of the Governance Committee and serves on the Education and Support Services Committee. Allyne dedicates his time and talents to Mindspring because one out of four people suffer from mental health issues. 

Board Member

Andrea Brown

Andrea Brown is a Career Planner at Children and Families of Iowa. In the past, she worked with children with juvenile court involvement and mental health concerns. Andrea was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in September 2018 and utilized the peer support groups hosted by Mindspring. In December 2019, she was placed in recovery and now strives to be an advocate for mental health, sharing her story and fighting the stigma. 

Board Member

Teresa Bomhoff    515-344-2369

Retired federal employee from USDA Rural Development

Member of Advocacy & Outreach and Fundraising committees, newsletter editor, website manager, gives presentations, MH 1st Aid instructor

Mental illness is a medical illness and deserves the same attention and respect of physical illnesses.  It is essential no one feels isolated.  MindSpring is a safe place - compassionate, concerned and non-judgmental.

Board Member

Ian Fitzsimmons 

Ian Fitzsimmons is a personal banker at West Bank and has worked in the banking/finance industry for the past 3 years.

He serves as a member of the MindSpring finance committee in addition to the board.

Ian joined MindSpring to help lessen the stigma of mental illness and provide resources to those affected.

Board Member

Mike Webster

Mike Webster is the Vice President at Webster Electric, Inc- a local electrical contractor.  He is also a member of the Fund Raising Committee.  Like many of us, mental illness has affected our loved ones and friends.  Mike chose to offer his time and talents to Mindspring to help end the stigma of mental illness and raise awareness of the opportunities our community has to get help through education and resources. 

Board Member

Staci Burr

Staci has been a longtime advocate of mental health and raising awareness.  Since a young age she has lived with anxiety and depression and has dealt with the struggles of finding the available resources and to meet people who have the same thoughts and feelings. Staci would like to help make a difference in the lives of those that live with some form of mental health struggles as well as to help others understand. So many kids today are dealing with the stresses of social media, family situations, peer relationships and not aware of the resources that can help them to cope with these struggles.  She was drawn to the mission of Mindspring because their main priority is to help people…help them to feel accepted, to seek appropriate assistance, educate and much more.  More than anything Staci wants to help bring Mindspring’s mission into every home….to know, to understand and to help. 

Board Member

Brock Milligan

Brock Milligan is an Employee Benefits Consultant at TrueNorth Insurance & Financial Strategies where he works with employers of all sizes in creating a benefits program that helps attract, retain, and reward its workforce. He serves as a member of MindSpring's education and advocacy committees and uses his natural network to help with fundraising. 

Brock is very passionate and proactive when it comes to one's mental health after ignoring his personal battles with depression and anxiety by self-medicating with alcohol from the ages of 13-32. He has a unique ability to connect and relate to people who are battling their own demons, and proudly shares his story in his quest to inspire others and eliminate stigmas associated with mental health and substance abuse


Board Member

Mitch Smith

Mitch Smith is the Director of Partnership Development for eFuneral Solutions, LLC. Prior to joining eFuneral, Mitch spent a decade in financial services and marketing. He has a Bachelor’s degree in marketing from Iowa State University and an MBA from Bellevue University. He brings technology, marketing, sales, and event coordination acumen to the position.

Mindspring has been such a large part of Mitch’s family journey of understanding mental health. His goal is to ensure that individuals and families seeking assistance know they have found a home with Mindspring. The resources were invaluable and when he had the opportunity, he knew it was his time to serve this organization. Mitch looks forward to helping spread the education tools, raising funds and further driving the organizations mission.

Board Member
Board Member
Optimae newsletters    

Psychiatric Consultant - Dr. Janice Landy, UnityPoint
Accountant:  Jason Dinesen
CPA:  Timmins, Jacobsen & Strawhacker LLP

We would welcome additional Board/Committee members. If you are interested, please
contact the MindSpring Executive Director at or call 515-277-0672 or 850-1467





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