Persons In Recovery - MindSpring Mental Health Alliance (formerly NAMI Greater Des Moines)
Persons In Recovery - MindSpring Mental Health Alliance (formerly NAMI Greater Des Moines)

Persons In Recovery

Persons in Recovery



How to Be Your Own Best Advocate: A Guide on How to Navigate Managed Care in Iowa


Hobbies and Activities for Special Needs - the list of hobbies and activities is applicable for adults as well

Resources for Traveling with Disabilities


Starting the Conversation:  College and your Mental Health (Aug 2016) - developed with the JED Foundation

Mental Health Advocates 
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The Center for Reintegration is launching the 2021 Baer Reintegration scholarships, open to all persons with a diagnosis of schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder. The scholarships range from GED to PhD. If you know of anyone who meets the criteria and could benefit from these scholarships, we invite them to go to learn more and download an application. Sidney R. Baer Jr. was an entrepreneur who had his first break while attending Yale and was not able to complete his education. Upon his death, he left a vast fortune to the Sidney R.Baer Jr. Foundation which funds mental health projects exclusively


Joy Ride is a transportation service available in the greater Des Moines area and surrounding communities which provides a professional, safe, reliable, and compassionate transportation service for the elderly and special needs population.

To make a reservation, call 515-331-1100 or 855-225-7433

Office Hours:  Monday – Friday  8:00 AM – 5:00 PM   They try to accommodate same-day requests for transportation. Weekend and holiday transportation is also available with advance notice.

Iowa Health Link - to find Iowa Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Program

Urban and Regional public transportation/public transit services 

In Need of Dental Care?

Dental Lifeline Network may be able to help with locating dental care for you through their “Donated Dental Services” network of providers.  Call 1-800-985-0034 or locally at 515-251-8000 to determine your eligibility.

Need Help with Prescriptions? click here

Looking for Affordable Housing?

The Iowa Finance Authority has launched a new website to create an online searchable database for affordable and accessible rental housing in Iowa.  Please go 

Advanced Directive Information (Medical Power of Attorney)

Iowa Advanced Directive information
Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions (Iowa)

Employment and Job Accommodation Information
Fact Sheets on Job Accommodations for Persons with Mental Health Impairments
Job Accommodation and Compliance Information
Job Accommodations for persons with bipolar
Job Accommodations for persons with depression

Thinking Outside the Employment Box: Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Share their Self-Employment Success Stories

My Support on-line - a FREE program to Iowa that is signing up direct care workers, and people with disabilities who need a direct care worker/personal attendant, and who are on the Community Choice Option Program!  The online service is FREE, and will help match people who need personal attendants and/or direct care worker WITH those workers in their area.  The program uses a matching algorithm to suggest providers in the person’s area who would be the best match to the person who needs one.  

Introducing My Support - here
My Support - Information for Persons with Disabilities here
My Support - Information for Direct Care Workers here

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