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ISU Extension offers many helpful classes and
        resources to help parents and families

Some options follow:

Science of Parenting website Great information and resources for all parents.  Check out the weekly blog posts under ‘Parenting Trends Blog’ that range in topic from discipline, temperament, co-parenting, and nutrition to child development and play, plus much more.  We also have some great resources and information under ‘Everyday Parenting’, ‘Parenting in Challenging Moments’ and ‘Parenting Research’. 

I AM in - Iowa Adolescents Making Choices to Control Their Future. For young adults and teens to ask questions and find information in the areas of alcohol, tobacco, & drugs, body image, bullying & suicide, fitness & nutrition, life skills, social circle, and teen pregnancy & sexual health. Also includes a 24/7 hotline to call in with questions and concerns about health of life, 1-800-443-8336.  

Stress: Taking Charge.  Series of publications to help one better cope with stress by recognizing triggers and symptoms and choosing appropriate coping responses while building supports and resources.  Publication topics cover helping children manage stress, common stresses for parents of teens along with individual publications for different stages of life.

Just in Time Parenting enewsletters. Age specific newsletters from prenatal through age five.  Contains information and strategies identified as those most crucial to helping children thrive - promoting healthy growth and development, preparing children for school success, reinforcing positive parenting behaviors and affirming healthy interpersonal and family relationships.

Ages and Stages. Age specific publications for parents and caregivers that address the physical, mental, social and emotional development of children from birth through age 11 so that one knows what to expect at the various ages. Also includes tips for interacting with children as they grow and lists of age-appropriate toys and books.

Prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome -   Learn about Shaken Baby Syndrome risk factors, common patterns of excessive crying, and strategies for soothing a crying child.

Infant Safe Sleep - Create safe sleep environments for children in your care. Learn how to choose the right equipment and about using "Back to Sleep" practices for sleep and "Tummy Time" practices for awake time.

Parenting Young Teens – Parenting is rewarding but can also be stressful at time and this series will help provide some relief from that stress of parenting.  Topics range from young teen development, effective parenting, using consequences, parenting in stepfamilies, teaching responsibility, and keeping young teens out of trouble,

Living With Your Teenager – Series of publications for parents of teens.  Topics include understanding emotional changes, the changing parent-child relationship, understanding changes in thinking, and understanding physical changes.

L.I.F.E. Lessons– Living (Well Through) Intergenerational Fitness & Exercise .  Series for older adults to encompass fitness, nutrition, wellness and healthy aging (physical, mental and emotional) in their lives.



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