Get Involved - MindSpring Mental Health Alliance (formerly NAMI Greater Des Moines)
Get Involved - MindSpring Mental Health Alliance (formerly NAMI Greater Des Moines)
Get Involved

Get Involved


  • Supported housing that helps people get back on their feet and engaged in treatment
  • Peer support services that help people know that recovery is possible
  • Crisis response models that provide help, not handcuffs 

Mental Health and Addiction Best Practices
National Council on Behavioral Health - website 

HR 34 - 21st Century Cures Act - Summary of 12-1-2016 Federal Mental Health Reform  click here

Medicaid and Mental Illness:  What's at Stake for Law Enforcement - click here
Behavioral Health:  Fixing a System in Crisis - Modern Health Care  6-25-17
America's Health Care Rankings by the United Health Foundation - 2017
The Way Forward:  Federal Action for a System That Works for All People Living with SMI and SED and their Families and
        Caregivers - a report from the Interdepartmental Serious Mental Illness Coordinating Committee 12-13-17
Mental Health America's 2017 report:  The State of Mental Health Care in America
Pain in the Nation - Nov 2017 report by the Trust for America's Health

State Legislative Issues

2020 Legislative Bills Passed in Iowa

3-11-20 - AMOS Day at the Capitol #2

2018 documents
5-16-19 Teens Are Anxious and Depressed, but Treatment to Prevent Suicide is Hard to Find
2018 Iowa Hospital Association - Advancing the Mental Health Agenda
2018 Iowa Adult Mental Health System Report Card
HF 2456 - Summary of Complex Needs Bill
Core Service Changes due to Complex Needs Bill
Mental Health Related Bills signed by the Governor as of 4-30-18
2018 Children's Mental Health Report Card
Children's Core Services - Tammy Nyden, author
Picture - Moving MHDS Division from DHS to IDPH
2018 Iowa Mental Health Planning Council Legislative Priorities - containing move to IDPH rationale
MCO's and Privatized Medicaid -
reasons for non-support 

Iowa Legislature - click here

To access Mental Health and Disability Redesign information - click here
To access information on MHDS Regions - click here
To access DHS reports submitted to the legislature - click here
To access DHS performance and reports - click here

2017 Legislative Report on Services for Persons with Complex Needs

2017 Charts and Statistics - click here
2017 Summary of mental health legislation - click here

2017 AMOS MCO report - MCO Provider network - click here

2016 AMOS/NAMI GDM report - Iowa Insurance Exchange - Provider networks - click here
          Picture of Results of Analysis of Prescribers - click here

SFY 2016 MHDS Regions Dashboard report

2014 AMOS/NAMI GDM Report - Mental Health and Disability Workforce - click here
          Chart of Mental Health Workforce statistics (2016) - click here

Iowa Infonet - Check out the newsletter - also has the latest on mental health legislation  Click here

MindSpring Mental Health Alliance is a member institution of AMOS (A Mid Iowa Organizing Strategy).  For more information on AMOS, please click here


Polk County legislative news  -click here

Here are the legislators and officials to contact for Polk County:

Polk, Warren, Madison, Dallas
State Senators House Representatives
 District 10  Jake Chapman (R)  District 19 Carter Nordman (R)
 District 13  Julian Garrett (R)  District 25 Stan Gustafson (R)
 District 15  Zach Nunn (R)  District 26 Brooke Boden (R)
 District 16  Nate Boulton (D)  District 30  Brian Lohse (R)
 District 17  Tony Bisignano (D)  District 31  Rick Olson (D)
 District 18  Janet Peterson (D)  District 32  Ruth Ann Gaines (D)
 District 19   Jack Whitver (R)  District 33  Brian Meyer (D)
 District 34  Bruce Hunter (D)
 District 20   Brad Zaun (R)  District 35  Ako Abdul Samad (D)
 District 21  Claire Celsi (D)  District 36  Marti Anderson(D)
 District 22  Sarah Trone Garriott (D)  District 37  John Landon (R)
     District 38  Garrett Gobble (R)
     District 39  Eddie Andrews (R)
     District 40  John Forbes (D)
     District 41  Jo Oldson (D)
     District 42  Kristin Sunde (D)

 District 43

 District 44

 Jennifer Konfrst (D)

 Kenan Judge (D)

Write:  "The Honorable____"                       Email:  first name.last            State Senate/State House               Iowa Senate phone:  515-281-3271
            State Capitol                                       Iowa House phone:  515-281-3221
            Des Moines, Iowa  50319       





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