Workplace Mental Health Education Program - MindSpring Mental Health Alliance (formerly NAMI Greater Des Moines)
Workplace Mental Health Education Program - MindSpring Mental Health Alliance (formerly NAMI Greater Des Moines)
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Workplace Mental Health Education Program

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  "Workplace Mental Health Education Program"

MindSpring Mental Health Alliance (formerly NAMI Greater Des Moines) has been working with a Greater Des Moines Partnership Leadership Institute team to implement a “Workplace Mental Health Education Program”.   

To watch the video #Signs in the Workplace" - click here.

Here is a listing of the programs:

Mental Health Basics - $250                     [max 40 participants] 
Understand what mental illness is and isn’t, and how people are impacted. One-hour presentation. 
 Types of mental illness
 Prevalence 
 Causation
 Myths vs. Facts
 Communication Do’s & Don’ts
 Self-Care

What Causes Mental Illness? - $250       [max 40 participants]  
An accessible guide to understanding the science of mental illness. One-hour presentation.
 Biopsychosocial Approach to Understanding Causation 
 Prevalence
 Myths vs. Facts
 Treatment & Prevention

Communication Do’s & Don’ts - $250     (max 40 participants]
Practical tips for communicating with people who are experiencing symptoms of a mental health disorder. One-hour presentation. 
 Understand how mental illness affects thinking and perception 
 Verbal and Non-Verbal messaging         
 Dealing with conflict 
 Cognitive reframing
 Active listening

Self-Care - $250                                        [max 40 participants]
Protect and promote your physical & mental health.  One-Hour presentation. 
 Anxiety 
 Ambivalence 
 Frustration
 Anger
 Sadness
 Burnout

Managing Stress - $250                           [max 40 participants]  
The term ‘stress’ is used loosely in our culture. What does it really mean? One-hour presentation. 
 Understanding the biology of stress
 How people experience stress: major categories of stress & their symptoms
 How vulnerable are you? 
 Identifying realistic & effective ways to manage stress

What is Stigma? - $250                           [max 40 participants]
How cultural bias impacts treatment, prevention & recovery. One-hour presentation.
 Origins of understanding & the spread of misinformation
 Separating myths & facts
 How stigma impacts individuals and communities 
 Correcting negative perceptions
 Practical tips for reducing stigma

Diagnosis-Specific Training - $250       [max 40 participants]
Understand causation, symptoms, co-occurring disorders and treatment options. Includes practical tips for managing symptoms and helping others. 
 Anxiety (one-hour presentation)
 Depression (one-hour presentation)
 PTSD (one-hour presentation)
 Bipolar Disorder (one-hour presentation)
 Schizophrenia (one-hour presentation)
 Hoarding (one-hour presentation)

When Help is Turned Away - $250         [max 40 participants]
Why do people living with mental illness sometimes reject help? One-hour presentation. 
 Understanding why people reject help or discontinue treatment
 Impact on friends and family members
 How to cope when your help is rejected  

Hearing Voices that are Distressing -$400      [max 40 participants]
Simulation experience, debriefing and discussion fosters understanding and empathy. Two-hour presentation. 
 Experience auditory hallucinations via earphones while undertaking a series of tasks including a psychiatric interview, group activities, memory and concentration activities.
 Debriefing
 Panel discussion

Caregiver Roles - $250                          [max 40 participants]
Understanding the impact of mental illness within families. One-hour presentation. 
 Strategies for caring for ill family members
 Sharing thoughts & feelings in a way that avoids unwelcome responses
 Looking at problem behaviors
 Signs & symptoms of caregiver burnout
 Dealing with your own emotions
 Empowering yourself

Talking to Adults About Mental Illness - $250   [max 40 participants]
A guide to sharing information about a loved one’s mental illness with coworkers, friends and extended family members.
One-hour presentation. 
 When & how to disclose 
 How to answer questions
 Responding to stigma
 Rights & responsibilities of individuals, family members and professionals

Talking to Children About Mental Illness - $250 [max 40 participants] 
Knowing when & what to tell young people about a loved one’s mental illness can be challenging. Practical tips for approaching this difficult subject in an age-appropriate fashion. One-hour presentation. 
 Helping kids understand mental illness
 How to answer children’s questions 
 Understanding fear & providing support
 Helping kids manage strong feelings
 Practical suggestions for responding to an ill family member











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